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Franchisee-Related Services

Detailed overview of our franchisee services

Contract Advisory Services

In the franchising business, typically the franchisees’ perception is that franchise agreements are heavily one-sided in favor of the franchisor and there is no room for negotiation. It is true that the franchisors’ key responsibilities are to maintain the goodwill of the system and its trademarks and therefore they may avoid substantial deviations from their standard contract. Many franchisors, however, believe flexibility with their agreement demonstrates a commitment to the franchisees’ needs and they can do so without undermining their key responsibilities. For franchisees entering into a new license agreement or in a position to re-negotiate their existing agreement, the challenge remains to identify those provisions where the franchisor has that flexibility and the inclination to exercise it. Having spent a collective 40 years in various roles as a franchisor, including the direct responsibility for franchise agreement negotiation and execution, we have first-hand knowledge and experience to best represent your interests resulting in favorable solutions to the franchisee and the franchisor.

Franchise Selection

As a savvy entrepreneur you are already operating a successful business or have decided upon a business you would like to operate. Now, you are facing the difficult and very important decision of choosing the franchise that best suits your needs. Depending on the industry, there is likely to be a myriad of franchise companies vying for your business. Choosing the franchise company that provides the services you need, and one with whom you are likely to have the most profitable relationship, can be a daunting task. As former executives with a number of national chains, we have a keen perspective on the “personality” of different franchise companies, as well as insights on the services they offer. Since we do not provide franchise sales or brokerage services, our advice and guidance is completely unbiased, assisting you in choosing the franchise that is in your individual best interests. Let Franchise Insights share its franchising experience to ensure you the best possible franchise selection.

Dispute Resolution

Every businessperson realizes disagreements are to be expected. On rare occasion, those disagreements intensify and become disputes. The relationship between a franchisor and its franchisees can and hopefully will, last for many years. Therefore, a quick and fair resolution becomes even more essential to the continuation of a mutually beneficial relationship. At Franchise Insights, we like to focus on resolution more than dispute. We bring decades of experience as negotiators and franchisors to your side of the table, giving you a distinct advantage. We provide you with unbiased, candid and straightforward advice that will directly apply to the dispute at hand. We can simply advise you on the techniques to improve your position or we can directly interact with the franchisor on your behalf. Our understanding of franchising can help you resolve virtually any dispute.

Litigation Support / Expert Witness Services

The last thing most businesspeople plan for is involvement in a lawsuit. Suddenly they find themselves focusing on stacks of legal papers instead of their business. It is precisely during these times that you need the right help and you need it quickly. While we do not offer legal advice, we can help you select the right attorney or we can work directly with your current lawyer to improve your position. An attorney offers legal advice; we offer business advice. Handled promptly and effectively, these issues may be resolved through a negotiated settlement without the need for excessive legal costs. Our objective is to build a reputation for providing valuable assistance to our clients, not rack up billable hours. With Franchise Insights, there is no learning curve—we are already very familiar with the franchising business, having been involved in countless franchise litigation issues—so we are ready to begin settling the dispute—for you. In the event litigation becomes unavoidable, contact us right away. Let us explain the value of having Franchise Insights on your side of the table.

Meetings / Seminars Support

Some multi-unit franchisees are large enough to hold their own meetings or conferences. Additionally, many individual franchisees are involved in regional or area meetings with other owners. Franchise Insights is available to assist you with these meetings by providing presentations, seminars and/or speeches that focus on maximizing the franchise tools available to you. The goal is to use our experience as franchisors to help your group learn more about fully utilizing the tools made available to you as a franchisee.

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