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Franchise Insights

Third party references and endorsements offer prospective and current clients insight into the results they can expect from the firm, as well as the level of professionalism they can expect from its executives. The reputation of a company’s executives should always be one of its most valuable assets.

“Franchising puts you in business for yourself but not by yourself. Franchise Insights can not only keep you in business but also help you grow your business!! Bill Keeble and Russ Moserowitz are franchise experts with over 40 years experience and understand the franchise business model—franchise agreements, services, dispute resolution, quality assurance, marketing, issues/concerns, opportunities, areas of protection and much more. Bill and Russ are your "Ghost Busters." One call can do it all!! I have seen their results first hand and they are phenomenal.”

John Russell
Former Chairman, American Hotel and Lodging Association
Former President, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association Int'l
Former Chairman and CEO, Cendant Hotel Division
Partner, YPB&R
CEO, Hospitality Artists, LLC

“The Franchisor-Franchisee relationship is unique and dynamic. Bill Keeble and Russ Moserowitz have proven they can effectively balance the objectives of both parties, while successfully developing and expanding the overall franchise system.”

Eric E. Pfeffer
President, International Hotel and Restaurant Association
Past Chairman and CEO, Cendant Hotel Division

"I have always appreciated Russ and Bill's direct, no-nonsense, solutions-oriented approach to franchising challenges — particularly in dealing with potentially controversial matters. Their creativity and ability to think beyond the limitations of company policies and operations manuals differentiate them from other executives."

Peter Hegg
Chairman, Hegg Companies
National restaurant and hotel franchisee, commercial and residential
real estate broker, and John Deere® dealer

"Through the years, these gentlemen have held many titles. However, one title that will never apply to either Moserowitz or Keeble is "yes-man." As a matter of fact, we commonly referred to Moserowitz as the "go-to-guy." If we had some red tape to cut through or needed a creative solution, we would simply "go-to" Moserowitz. He understood the bigger picture, and he was determined and resourceful enough to get results.

Certainly, we could provide a flowery description on the services they provide, but we've never been much for flowers — we're pretty straightforward folks. And, we've found that if you are looking for the straight scoop on managing successful franchise relationships, these guys do it better than anyone we've seen."

Paul Schulte
Chairman of the Board for Humphrey Hospitality Trust, a leading real estate investment trust

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