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Franchisee-Related Services

Franchising provides the security and stability many entrepreneurs desire to truly be “in business for themselves rather than by themselves.” The key to maximizing the value of the franchise is to take full advantage of the systems available through the franchisor—from training and marketing programs to franchise service liaisons and field support. The more involved you are, the more support you’ll receive.

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Are you planning to secure a new franchise, renew your current franchise agreement and/or dispose of a current franchise? Franchisees often say that the “home field advantage” goes to the franchisor, when referring to the franchise agreement. After all, the franchisor wrote the agreement and has negotiated and potentially modified its terms hundreds, if not thousands, of times. With 40 years of collective experience as franchisors and having negotiated thousands of franchise agreements, we provide our clients with the unique and necessary insights to “level the playing field.”

Unfortunately, even the most expertly negotiated agreement, executed under the most favorable conditions, will occasionally find itself embroiled in a dispute or even litigation. It is precisely during these times that franchisees must act decisively and quickly — and this is the time Franchise Insights has the most to offer. Our clients are assured the greatest opportunity to settle disagreements [Franchisee Dispute Resolution detail] before rising to the level of full-blown disputes, and Franchise Insights will successfully negotiate settlements of existing disputes or, if unavoidable, maximize your position in the face of litigation.

At Franchise Insights, we respect that you have a business to run and appreciate the time you have invested. Similarly, we have dedicated our careers to franchising and have developed the expertise necessary to best represent a franchisee’s interests. Our level of involvement is entirely up to you—we can simply act as your advisor; sit next to you at the negotiating table; or negotiate directly with the franchisor on your behalf, freeing you up to address other business matters. After spending many years negotiating on behalf of franchise companies, our attention is now turned to advising franchisees in all contract matters including, protected territories, exit provisions, liquidated damages and the successful resolution of franchise agreement defaults and terminations.

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